#DigitalvsCorona – against the pandemic with digitalisation

Digital solutions make a very important contribution to the fight against the corona pandemic. We at the Fraunhofer ISST are working hard on this: with solutions for data donation, faster knowledge exchange among scientists and new features for the so called Electronic Case File (Elektronische FallAkte, EFA). In addition, the »Virtual Hospital NRW«, where EFA is being used productively to exchange treatment data of Covid19 patients between physicians of different hospitals, was launched in March 2020.

To our #DigitalvsCorona projects



Use of Topic Modelling to improve transparency in Covid19 research



Pandemic-related data donation based on data sovereignty principles of the Medical Data Space



Video-supported teleconsultation and data donation based on the Electronic Case File


Virtual Hospital - Electronic Case File

NRW relies on technology from the Fraunhofer ISST fo