Data Business business unit


Data as a business asset: How new business models emerge from data sharing in data spaces


We bundle our expertise in the examination of data as an asset in the Data Business business unit. From disruptive business models based on data to the digital transformation of existing processes – we develop appropriate solutions for the targeted monetization of company data. We cover all technology and organizational matters for the entire data life cycle – from the concept to practical implementation.


Our expertise

  • Data-driven business models – Innovative conception, design and calculation to monetise your data
  • Data marketplaces – advice and assistance in selecting suitable data marketplaces and monetization options for your data
  • Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence – Development, application and visualization of findings from your data using the latest AI models and methods
  • Data engineering and data flow orchestration – consulting, selection and implementation of suitable technologies and tools for targeted data processing
  • Data management – consulting and design of individual data strategies, as well as the implementation of data governance structures and improvement of data quality
  • Software development – Implementation of front- and backend applications for the web, desktop or mobile devices

Our goal is to simplify and where possible automate the complex process of data management for our customers. In the interplay between innovation, change processes, and costs, we thereby make a lasting, effective contribution to the digital transformation of our customers in various sectors:

  • Information & communication technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism
  • Mobility & transport
  • Construction
  • Smart cities & regions