Industrial Data Management at VW


Not just producing industrial data, but using them

Companies are continuously recording increasing volumes of master, movement, and process data, and using them in numerous business processes. As a result, the intelligent management of these data is increasingly becoming a key success factor in global competition. Obtaining gainful information and effectively improving business processes can only succeed when data of high quality are collected and made available.


The challenge

Favored by developments in digital technology, data in operating environments are increasingly stored in numerous decentralized locations rather than a single, central location. A single source of truth no longer exists in many companies. This has tangible consequences in the operation. The validity of data is difficult for users to assess, the origins of certain data are unclear, and the existence of specific offers of information may even be entirely unknown. Accordingly, the administration of data in the industrial context becomes a management task. Administering the data base, protecting data against unauthorized access, and the specific delivery of relevant data streams are key challenges in the industrial context.


Our contribution

Fraunhofer ISST is developing an integrated and stringent concept for industrial data management within the project framework. Here we first record relevant customer processes on site. This bottom-up approach allows concrete needs for action to be derived. Subsequently a data strategy is developed through the interplay of workshops and conceptual work. This framework describes the objectives for architecture rules and the data governance model. The guidelines for the structured handling of data are thereby described from the organizational perspective. At this juncture, we work out what roles are entrusted with what activities in working with data.



Data handling is only efficient when data transparency is achieved and the responsibilities are clearly defined. This forms the foundation of any digitization solution. As the project result, Volkswagen receives a concept that addresses both conditions.



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