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Data catalog for the efficient management of company data – DIVA

DIVA (Data Inventory and Valuation Approach) is a data catalog developed at the Fraunhofer ISST based on a modern microservice architecture, with the goal of meeting the agile requirements of data management. In addition to basic functions for integration, documentation of type-dependent meta-information and data search, DIVA can be flexibly expanded by integrating detached services (such as quality check, GDPR relevance, keyword extraction).

Dataspace Connector: The guardian of sovereign data exchange

The Dataspace Connector (DSC) is an open source software for sovereign data exchange. Even after the data has been exchanged, the data provider remains in control of what happens to the data. Based on the International Data Spaces reference architec-ture, the DSC enables the extension of data with guidelines and conditions and their processing.

Open-Source-Java-Framework »NUKLEUS«

NUKLEUS is a framework for modeling domain models in Java. The central aspect of Nucleus is the separation between the textual representation and the validation of data. Nucleus does not follow an object-oriented approach, but establishes a taxonomy of data types based on subset relations. Validation of data type values is done by executable bytecode generated from parameterizable patterns. In addition to these validation rules, access to data can be controlled via usage control policies.