Data Economy

Digitization concerns all of life and business. The key to success of future value are transparent and integer services and data. Without fast, flexible use and combination of data on products, machinery, business partners, but also the weather, the traffic or the location of goods neither smart services nor industry 4.0 are possible. Integer data is a strategic resource that determines the success of companies in the market.

Companies especially benefit from their data when they can be replaced, linked and enriched within value networks, but also across sectoral boundaries.

The department »Digitization in Service Industries« explores the software technical foundation for this data-intensive value chains. The focus of our developments is on processes and technologies for the management of data goods. Furthermore, we implement the necessary infrastructures to allow a cross-company data exchange.

One of our key projects is the »Industrial Data Space«.

Our topics

International Data Space

Data Valuation –

What is my data worth?


Intelligent Business Documentation

Digitized Testing and Documentation Processes

Visual Privacy Management (VisiOn)

Sharing Data Confidently:

Networking Supply Chains with the Industrial Data Space.

Services of the Department »Digitization in Service Industries«.

New Report: Data Catalogs

Integrating Platforms for Matching Data Supply and Demand (Reference Model and Market Analysis)

Completed Projects in the Field of Digitization in Service Industries