Hospital Engineering

What will be the future hospital ...?

Hospitals are under enormous competitive pressure – both from a medical as well as from an economic perspective. In hospital engineering, the experts see promising approaches to optimizations, efficiency increases and cost reductions. This includes, for example, the hospital IT, the energy supply or the building and operating technology as well as the hospital logistics. All these areas are, however, very sensitive and important for the smooth running of the hospital processes. Thus it is no wonder that hospitals often are afraid to intervene in these existing processes and systems as long as they work. The result is a big problem for the provider of technical hospital innovations to place their products.

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A Lab for Hospital Innovations

Hospital Engineering offers manufacturers of hospital technical systems the ability to integrate their products into innovation projects. These innovative projects are developed and demonstrated in a "model hospital" in Duisburg with a surgical area, a patients, nurses' and medical room, a rehabilitation area and function rooms. This provides hospitals the opportunity to get to know efficiency improvements by the use of technical innovations at the hospital without having to use them directly in their own institution in live operation. This Hospital Engineering Laboratory is part of the Fraunhofer inHaus Center, a testing environment for intelligent room and building solutions of the research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Fraunhofer researchers are already working in this center with numerous industrial and application partners to develop technical solutions for an optimization of functional buildings. They must ensure that innovation is thought holistically - every change has an impact on other processes within the hospital and must therefore be considered from multiple perspectives to evaluate their optimization potentials for the overall hospital system.

Participate in the Design!

The Hospital Engineering Laboratory is a common test area of manufacturers of hospital technology systems and solutions, scientists with health-related research priority and applying hospitals. In the laboratory, they create innovations together, test their systems and solutions in new scenarios and compositions. They also show potential users who visit the laboratory e. g. as part of special events how the hospital future might look.

You can be part of this innovative community.

We are happy to introduce you to the conditions in detail in a personal conversation and develop together with you an interesting research and demonstration focus in the laboratory. Be inspired – and inspire us!