Digitizing Check for Hospitals

New offer: Neutral Digitizing Check for Hospitals by the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST

The digitization of information, equipment and other objects is ubiquitous: Google, Smart Watches, navigation devices - if information is missing, it is there in seconds. Are hospitals able and willing to keep up with this development?

Of course, a hospital without IT is no longer conceivable today. But electronic patient records, ideally available for mobile devices at the bedside, are already the exception. Medical reports are often still faxed, material resources are ordered time-consuming via phone. Digitization is of course not an end in itself. Especially healthcare facilities need to consider exactly in view of their tight budgets where a conversion of existing processes to digital alternatives is useful. For the management of a house this is not an easy task to filter out the fields of action with the greatest distress and based on this to identify an actually viable technological solution.

The Digitization Check of Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST starts here: Decision-makers in hospital receive in short time an all-round overview of the level of digitalization in all core areas. During a workshop with the responsible persons scientists investigate all hospital areas where digitization is currently playing a role and will play in the future, using a systematic catalog. Along a roadmap short, medium and long term feasible strategies will be recommended and the future development be discussed. Particularly intensively analyzed will be areas where quick wins are possible.


Digitalisierungs-Check für Krankenhäuser