IT standards for the exchange of treatment data

In healthcare, an increasing specialization takes place: Portal clinics and specialist clinics no longer provide all but targeted services. Settled specialists work in medical care centers together on the recovery of a patient. Due to the new blanket billing models, there also arise outpatient-inpatient mixed forms of treatment. IT systems must take account of this trend toward distributed treatment.

Standardized file systems are an optimal »data highway« for the exchange of patient data between outpatient and inpatient facilities. With the electronic case file (elektronische FallAkte, »EFA«), Fraunhofer ISST has compiled such a file solution from the perspective of hospitals: Electronic case files provide a structured view of all documents that are available to a medical treatment case of a patient.

By means of the electronic case file once entered data can be integrated into various IT systems in the different institutions. On this basis, Fraunhofer ISST is currently implementing the integration of a doctor’s letter, standardized on HL7, for the automatic creation of files. Furthermore, there is a tele consultation solution via EFA available, called HEALTHTELKON; there are portal solutions as web client for doctors who do not have deep integration of EFA in their IT systems, and also a mobile EFA app based on Android is developed.

In addition to these concrete works, Fraunhofer ISST introduces its expertise in relevant standardization projects in healthcare.

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