MDK EFA-Workplace

MDK EFA-Workplace: Discharge for the Medical Controlling


For German hospitals not only the requirements for performance, quality and efficiency of nursing and medical care increase continuously - often the documentation effort parallel rises. Thus, hospitals e. g. have to prove towards the statutory health insurances that performed patient treatments were both necessary and economical. For only then these services may be authorized by the health insurances and only then the bills of the hospital are fully paid.

Since the beginning of this year the hospitals have to provide relevant treatment documents even faster in an examination concerning this matter by the Medical Service of the Health Funds (MDK). If the requested documents are not digitally available within four weeks, financial losses threaten.

This means a lot of work under increasing pressure for the medical controlling of the hospitals. But compiling treatment documents on time or procuring further information – e. g. statements – currently constitutes a major challenge due to lack of digitization and integration of the hospital systems.

Fraunhofer ISST takes up this challenge together with the Rechenzentrum Volmarstein (RZV) and the company InterSystems by the »MDK EFA Workplace«. The objective is to optimize the MDK test procedures in hospitals by means of digitization and integration of different systems and thus relieve the medical controlling. The application thereby aims for the management of MDK case records and for automated query and integration of required treatment documents from different systems.

The MDK EFA workplace as a multi-application of EFA uses the IHE-based integration and security technologies of the electronic case record and extends the functionality of the EFA to MDK specific requirements. The MDK EFA workplace can thereby be used independently or be integrated into existing systems (e. g. Hospital Information System).

The functions of the MDK EFA workplace include:

  •  Management of MDK test procedures via MDK records
  • Controlled allocation of privileges for MDK record documents to responsible physicians and MDK staff
  • Configuration of the required MDK documents in support of automatic adjustment
  • Assigning tasks to responsible physicians to provide required documents
  • Automatic setting of documents from integrated primary systems
  • Traffic light system for better control of MDK records
  • Manual setting of documents
  • Releasing an MDK record for the MDK
  • Printing of a MDK record
  • Sending an MDK record via Fax / Mail


Project information (only in german)

MDK EFA-Workplace: Discharge for the Medical Controlling