Completed Projects in the Field of Digital Health

Hospital Engineering


Hospital Engineering - Integrated Process Management in Hospitals

The healthcare of the future with the changing economic fundamentals requires flexibility of the hospitals. On the medical level, this leads to a shift of service delivery in the outpatient sector in the context of integrated care or outpatient surgical centers, but also in the direction of nursing homes or other service providers. But flexibility in the medical procedures also requires flexibility in the processes and scalability of building and room usage as well as the hospital technology in total. Capacities need to be built up at short notice but also to be reduced.

Surgery of the Future


The Surgery of the Future – Less Stress for Employees and Patient

Hospitals are challenged to provide the highest quality of medical care and at the same time to cut costs in order to withstand the enormous pressure of competition. Especially large improvement and savings potential is in the range of the operating room. Due to numerous medical equipment and the large number of highly qualified personnel the surgery is particularly cost-intensive and success critical. The motivation of the hospitals to redesign the operating room is the possibility to minimize mistakes by intelligent systems, to increase the patient flow by innovative treatment methods and to realize reduced workload for the staff. Questions about possible innovations and even better standards for the patients well-being, the economic work and the operation documentation are the focus of the surgery-related research at Fraunhofer ISST.  

Transparency Server

Real-time Diagnosis for Hospital Processes

The workflows of the inpatient and outpatient care in the roughly 2,000 German hospitals are very complex and highly collaborative. They also have many interfaces with internal and external organizational units, because treatment processes are performed in cooperation of a variety of departments such as stations, functional areas, central supply departments and service providers.

Transparency in Materials Management


Transparent Material Supply by Multi-Perspective Information Logistics

The efficient implementation of processes is essential for a hospital in order to optimally provide and treat patients according to the latest medical standards. Thereby it is to ensure that the right medicines and medical products reach the right patient »well-documented« and at the right time. Furthermore, numerous other material and information flows between a variety of sections of an institution must be coordinated and organized - from the food and kitchen logistics to the supply of laundry, work clothing and medical equipment, up to the provision of freshly prepared beds.