Digitization Check for Payers

Digitization Stategies for Payers and Healthcare Providers

The patient demonstrates it: Fitness Tracker, Smartphone and Co. have become constantly digital companions in our daily lives and help to strengthen both body and mind. "Self-Empowerment" is the technical language of this trend. But how much intrinsic motivation is possible without a professional healthcare? Payers, telemedicine services and medical service providers are in demand to administer to digitization and to consider new, holistic healthcare concepts with the patient as partner. But can the players of health economy keep up with this trend? And what are the entrepreneurial added values?

Digital supply concepts allow a higher quality and more performance and efficiency of both internal and external processes by a new form of data and information exchange. But where opportunities are, risks are not far away: What about privacy? Does the used software require a certification as a medical device? Does a digital solution really increase the sales?

The starting point for an individually created digitization strategy is the digitization check of Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST for payers and healthcare providers: Areas that should be included in the analysis will initially be identified together with the management. Digitization requires the support of all, which is why hereinafter workshops with the managers and employees are implemented to develop a systematic catalog with strengths and weaknesses as well as potentials and risks. Beyond the check-up, Fraunhofer ISST also offers proceeding advice as well as support and implementation of concrete innovation projects.

In addition to the offer for payers and providers Fraunhofer ISST also supports hospitals in its digitization strategy.

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In addition to the offer for payers and providers advises the Fraunhofer ISST also hospitals in its digitization strategy.

Zusätzlich zu dem Angebot für Kostenträger und Dienstleister berät das Fraunhofer ISST auch Krankenhäuser bei ihrer Digitalisierungsstrategie.