FitPit – Fitness Cockpit: Information System for Optimization of Training Schedules in Rehabilitation

Due to demographic change, it will come to a shift in the age structure in the next few years, which involves an increase in the number of elderly people with the need for personal concepts for the rehabilitation and prevention. Supplying this demand will only be possible by a growth of the number of employees in the healthcare sector. Due to the increasing cost pressure the number of unskilled workers in healthcare will increase to compensate for the increasing demand. The lack of knowledge and lack of experience of unskilled workers could then have a negative effect on the quality of healthcare and jeopardize the success of therapeutic measures. For this reason, Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST is working on an information system that supports knowledge management for prevention and rehabilitation: the Fitness cockpit FitPit.

FitPit uses the knowledge of experienced therapists to support less experienced in the creation of customized training plans. Only by individualization and patient centering of therapeutic measures the quality of care can be increased, in particular to avoid disease. In addition to the training sequence, that means the selection of sport exercises, further therapy-relevant information are attached to a training plan. These include the demographic parameters of the patient, a diagnosis or the physical and mental overall health of a patient. A good training plan challenges the patient and supports to maximize exercise benefits. To get an objective view of the patient's health, which significantly affects the training success, FitPit uses a second information base. Vital parameters such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation or the weight are measured before or during training and are documented periodically over a long period.

By combining technologies from the research fields of Data Mining (DM), Machine Learning (ML) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) and their links in a single information system FitPit can support the creation process of effective training plans and thus ensure a high quality of prevention and rehabilitation measures.

The information from FitPit support the coach in the evaluation of the training and in the detection of variations in vital signs during training. In addition, the success of the training can be recorded with the help of FitPit and the training schedule can be adjusted on the basis of achieved goals or suggestions for improvement of the system.

The use of FitPit allows fitness and rehabilitation facilities to offer high quality therapeutic measures even under the existing cost pressure. Simultaneously, the training and development of their own staff is supported by the knowledge retention and knowledge transfer.

Project Partners

  • TU Dortmund University, Department of Sport and Sport Science - Workspaces Training & Movement - Performance & Health