»iHerz« (iHeart): Improvement of the Drug Safety and Therapy Adherence

The diagnosis heart failure or coronary heart disease implicates challenges for patients and physicians. The patient must not only understand and observe the prescribed medication but also document vital signs that he can give to the doctor for consultation. The supply of such patients is often made via a network of family doctor, specialists and hospital. A close intersectoral collaboration and good communication is crucial so that the patient can be optimally supplied.

But thereby problems often arise in everyday life: Among other things, transmission errors or delayed transmission in the medication can lead to misunderstandings on all sides. Also patients often have difficulties to consistently comply with the drug therapy and accurate documentation of their vital signs in daily life.

The Patient as Partner

Therefore, Fraunhofer ISST has developed a system solution called »iHerz« together with the University Hospital Essen. With iHerz, the appealed challenges can be faced: On the one hand, the software supports the intersectoral care by centrally allowing all attending physicians access to important patient-related informations. iHerz is thereby able to communicate with the IT systems in healthcare based on the open specification of the electronic case record (EFA), but it can also be operated without the EFA-connection.

On the other hand, iHerz faciliates the therapy for the patient: By using the app iHerz, the patient can actively participate in the treatment process. He can e. g. get access to the medication plan created by the doctor, can document subjective sensitivities or can be reminded of upcoming drug intake or vital signs measurements. By that, the therapy adherence is to be increased.

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The software can be provided under a license agreement. Please contact us for an offer tailored to your needs and requirements.


Universitätsklinikum Essen

Institut für Arzneitherapiesicherheit des Universitätsklinikums Essen
Profit limited liability company (IATS)


The project is funded by the Heart Cultural Foundation Essen.

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»iHerz« (iHeart): Improvement of the Drug Safety and Therapy Adherence