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»HANDELkompetent« develops technology-based learning tools for everyday work

It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to find personnel with exactly the qualifications required in the business. In order to remain competitive, it is therefore all the more important to equip the existing workforce with the necessary competences. By the example of the retail trade, a concept is now being developed in a research project which facilitates the competence management in companies and supports by technology-based learning forms.


The Problem

To fill vacancies adequately or at all is increasingly difficult for companies from a wide range of industries in Germany. This also applies to non-academic professions. The reasons lie, for example, in demographic change, changes in the employment behavior and the high specialization of work with rapidly changing requirements.

In order to maintain their innovative capability and competitiveness, companies must respond to this development. Within the framework of strategic personnel policy, a professional development of competences in the workforce plays a key role because it ensures a high performance of the employees throughout their working lives. For small and medium-sized enterprises, which account for 99 per cent of the companies in Germany, this entails a considerable financial and time-consuming effort, which is often difficult to manage.

The Aim

The aim of the project »HANDELkompetent« is to develop a modular concept for personnel development which can be integrated smoothly into operational procedures. Through an online platform the learning modules are accessible at any time via Tablet PC. »Competence Supervisors« also support the learners who are organized in cross-aged learning tandems. Thus, particularly with older employees, possible fears of contacts with new technologies are reduced more easily. In addition to the active promotion and development of competencies and the resulting increase in the employability, self-competence and innovative capacity of the individual employees, the project is also to determine which learning situations and locations have a particularly positive effect on the success of the learner. Fraunhofer ISST develops the technical infrastructure based on Beacons, tablets and the free eLearning platform ILIAS, so that the learning situation is recognized automatically and the appropriate content is provided.


Project Partners


Implementation Partners


Project Term

Mai 2015 to April 2018



The project »Trade competently! - Demographics-sensitive competence management for SMEs by means of accompanied, situational-adaptive and innovative technology-supported learning forms« is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the subject area 2.2 »Competence management for longer employability« of the main focus »Operational competence management in the demographic change« of the funding program »Working – Learning – Developing competences. Innovative capability in a modern working world« under the funding code 01FK14018.


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