Machine Learning / Deep Learning

The increasing digitization of all business areas and business processes leads to an explosive increase in data in the company. Every two years the data volume is doubled[1]. From 2013 to 2020, an increase from 4 trillion gigabytes (GB) to 44 trillion GB (= Zettabytes) and up to 2025 to 180 Zettabytes is predicted[2].

Current developments such as Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Corporate Data Lakes as the basis for Big Data Analytics ensure that this trend continues. Along with these developments, finding information in the company is becoming increasingly difficult and the need for IT systems to support is growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that market research companies are predicting a rapid growth in spending on these cognitive systems[3].

The logistics as an application area is massively affected. Our research areas include:Detection and extraction of user intentions from text messages

  • Continuously learning bot systems that evolve with each interaction and adapt to the needs of the user
  • Text synthesis to describe existing and aggregated data
  • Design and architecture of scalable applications based on new knowledge in natural language processing (NLP)



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