pomodoX: Intelligent Business Documentation

Capturing and sharing manuals, documentations and formalized organizational instructions is a growing challenge for companies of all sizes. It is becoming increasingly important as a result of the growing need for certification and review.

Driven by short product and process life cycles, flexible organizational forms in the companies as well as far-reaching, mostly location-independent workplaces across sites, companies are required to provide new approaches for targeted documentation and communication with employees and customers.

Companies especially face a problem of keeping up-to-date manuals and documentation and to save individualizations of separate documents for branches, departments, special products etc. in a manageable manner. The software used in the company so far has reached its limits here: The common practice of information dissemination of centrally generated documents and the distribution of copies of these single documents as well as the documentation in wikis, weblogs or other tools is no longer viable: »One Size Fits All« is no longer suited to the flexible requirements of companies.

Fraunhofer ISST has therefore created a modern web application which allows a decentralized individualization of different document variants without giving up the advantages of the central management. Changes to documents are automatically propagated to all involved and are always tamper-proof and visible. By restricting the information to areas that are relevant to the readers, the use of the documents is made easier and the productivity in the search for relevant information is increased.

The most important advantages of our solution at a glance:

  • Individual instructions instead of »One Size Fits All«
  • Tailored to individual organizational units, sites, contexts
  • Role-, process- and situation-specific views
  • Transparent definition in central pool
  • Tracking of changes and local adjustments
  • Online distribution
  • Online collaboration by sharing individual areas
  • Embedding in existing portals

We are constantly developing our solutions, adapting them to the specific requirements of our customers or integrating them into existing portals. The applicability ranges from the small firm of the regulated industry to the large company with over 20,000 employees at over 80 locations, each of which is subject to different specifications. Within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, our software is used for the individualization and distribution of information security guidelines. The minimum requirements for certification according to ISO 27001 are centrally prescribed, but specific procedures and measures are individualized and detailed in the separate institutes.

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Intelligent Documentation for Companies