Completed Projects in the Field of Digitization in Service Industries

Here you will find projects that have been completed in the field of Digitization in Service Industries in the past.



SECONOMICS – Socio-Economics meets Security


The EU-funded FP7 project »SECONOMICS« has dealt with measures for critical infrastructures (such as local and long-distance traffic, airports, etc.) in case of security incidents. We have developed approaches and software tools for the analysis of socio-economic aspects of information security, especially in the context of cyber-physical systems. The developed approaches integrate the risk analysis with economic aspects to develop software tools that support the decision-making of operators of these infrastructures.





The completed BMBF project »SecureClouds« has dealt with the outsourcing of business processes into the cloud. The focus of Fraunhofer ISST was on the analysis of the business processes to be outsourced regarding the security and compliance characteristics. Significant results of the work are an ontology for the systematic derivation, formalization and administration of security and compliance requirements, as well as the analysis tool "RiskFinder", which can be used to identify potential security or compliance risks in process descriptions using heuristics.