Digital maturity of hospitals


CLINOTEL is a group of more than 60 hospitals (institution codes, as of 2018). Its members want to ensure their lasting economic success and provide their services in accordance with current medical knowledge and best practices. To provide structured support for the digitization of members, the current state regarding the existing technology and capabilities is to be recorded in an initial step.


The challenge

Digitization harbors tremendous potential but requires strategic management and control. It describes a transformation process with possible effects on the existing primary and in particular the secondary processes. This transformation process needs to be controlled and managed, requiring an-depth understanding of the status quo in each hospital and of the existing capabilities.


Our contribution

Fraunhofer ISST determines this status quo of the members for CLINOTEL using its Digital Maturity Index. Working on site at each hospital, Fraunhofer ISST establishes the individual initial situation, challenges, strengths, and strategic projects in cooperation with company management, physician management, nursing management, IT, technology management, and other players. A structured measurement tool is also used for quantification in addition to this qualitative perspective. The qualitative and quantitative results are standardized and converged in a graphical representation.   




Aside from transparency regarding the current state of digitization for the members, CLINOTEL reaps significant benefits in terms of the transfer of knowledge. Members who have not progressed as far with digitization can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of more digitized members. The joint project establishes transparency and improves the efficiency of members in the implementation of digitization.



  • CLINOTEL Krankenhausverbund gGmbH
  • Term: 08/2018 - 08/2019