Living lab and interactive service platform for user-centered serious and health games


This project uses an experimentation space called Health Reality Labs and the Health Reality Platform to create a real and digital environment, intended to promote exchanges between the creative industry and healthcare sector in the area of mixed reality applications. Best practices and design principles for the practical implementation of augmented reality/virtual reality applications are researched and quality criteria are established. Creative methods are being further developed so the requirements of the healthcare sector can be met.


The challenge 

Healthcare applications are subject to particularly strict requirements, such as le-gal/regulatory quality criteria, in particular for the support of therapeutic-rehabilitative applications. The development of high-quality, validated content in the form of interesting interaction models, innovative mechanisms, and corresponding usability is an essential factor for a technology’s survival. In order to rise to these challenges together, the consortium is striving to establish a concerted coopera-tion, translation, and evaluation structure between the creative industry and healthcare sector for mixed reality in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Our contribution 

Within the HealthReality framework, we are developing a platform and quality criteria to support the offering of applications on the one hand and mediation between the relevant experts on the other hand. This platform is to be used specifically to offer services and look for providers, and to bundle the extensive expertise in North Rhine-Westphalia on the topic of augmented reality. The quality criteria describe the creative methods that are used, how the evaluation was performed, and to what extent general legal/regulatory conditions are applied. Using a virtual reality and augmented reality application example, we are demonstrating the interplay of meth-odology expertise, the experimentation space, and the platform.



The Health Reality Lab experimentation space, with the participation of patients and experts from the creative industry and healthcare sector, makes it possible to expe-rience and evaluate new mixed reality technologies for healthcare. Health Reality means that the deployment of technologies is not based on a purely methodology-technology centered perspective, but consistently involves subsequent users.



  • Gluon Studios GmbH
  • Hochschule für Gesundheit
  • Fraunhofer ISSTINNOMAN GmbH


  • Subsidized by: Leitmarktagentur.NRW
  • Project number: EFRE-0801061
  • Term: 11/2018-10/2021

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