Healthcare – Our technologies for your challenges

EFA: The electronic case file

Hospitals, medical specialists, and general practitioners are discussing better co-operation in patient hospitalization and follow-up treatment under the concept of “integrated care”. The goal is to exchange information about patients more quickly and efficiently in order to ensure their best possible treatment and, for example, avoid expensive duplicate examinations.

pomodoX: Intelligent documentation for companies

pomodoX (polymorphous documentation of X) is a technology solution for the decentralized individualization of all kinds of documentation. Yet it combines the advantages of central delivery (for example of general standards or minimum re-quirements), and therefore central coordination and control, with the required flexi-bility in companies.

iVY.CONNECT: A software package for straightforward networking

Fraunhofer ISST has been active in the field of international standards for more than 15 years. It has now bundled this extensive expertise in a software package (suite). iVY.CONNECT is a collection of tools for implementing infrastructures based on IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise). It consists of client and server modules.