Bundling artificial intelligence expertise and making it accessible for both large and small companies

Artificial intelligence is a groundbreaking technology of our time. The effects of artificial intelligence will have far-reaching consequences comparable to electricity or the invention of the printing press. Currently the resources for innovations are however dominated by giant technology enterprises in North America and China. To ensure Europe’s independence and leadership, European AI resources need to be bundled and made accessible for economic enterprises that are located here.



The challenge

The goal of the AI4EU project is to establish a comprehensive European AI on demand platform in order to reduce barriers to innovation, promote the transfer of technologies, and catalyze the growth of start-ups and SMEs in all sectors through open requests and other actions. The developed platform will serve as the central point of contact, offering and presenting services, technical expertise, algorithms, software frameworks, development tools, components, modules, data, computing resources, prototyping functions, and access to financial resource.


Our contribution

In the international consortium with project partners from more than 20 different countries, Fraunhofer ISST is mainly responsible for the platform’s interoperability, which is critical for success. This requires storing knowledge in an exchangeable format and making it findable and accessible for companies in subsequent operational use, which necessitates referencing between individual artefacts.



The AI4EU platform will establish a worldwide reference that is built on and interoperable with existing AI and data components and platforms. Eight industry-driven AI pilots will demonstrate the platform’s value as an innovation tool. Pilot projects and research work are going to demonstrate how AI4EU can promote scientific discoveries and technology innovations.



You will find the consortium here, including the following companies among others:

  • Thales Services
  • ABB Robotics
  • Allianz
  • Atos
  • Siemens AG
  • SAP
  • Unilever  




  • Subsidized by: European Union Horizon 2020
  • Project number: ICT-26-2018-2020
  • Term: 01/2019-12/2021