Closing knowledge gaps and providing companies with access to 3D printing


SMEs face obstacles to the introduction of additive manufacturing (AM) methods: There is a lack of qualified employees and access to know-how, equipment, infrastructure, and markets. The main objective of the AMable project is to overcome these barriers to implementation and enable the introduction of AM technologies by SMEs.



The challenge

The AMable portal is a digital marketplace for companies to book support services: Augmented/virtual reality technologies for instance can assist the work of designers in early development studies for a product. Experts offer help with optimizing the surface finish, which is often critical for success in additive manufacturing. Printing a 3D model according to a specific design plan can also be requested, along with possible final post-processing of the work piece. Since all of the described process steps can involve the IP (intellectual property) of various owners, a secure and trusted infrastructure is required.


Our contribution

Fraunhofer ISST is developing connectors for the portal based on the International Data Spaces reference architecture to guarantee the secure exchange of information. As additional security components, all transactions are verifiably and immutably recorded in a blockchain instance. In other words: The AMable ecosystem utilizes a combined International Data Spaces/blockchain approach for continuous, end-to-end, encrypted documentation of the product development process along the entire value chain, from IP-relevant ideas to production process events that are relevant for quality.



The project subsidized by the European Union makes an important contribution to the future competitiveness of SMEs. Mastering complex technologies with a manageable number of employees is becoming increasingly challenging for these companies. Support offers provide relief, allowing specific services performed by industry experts to be booked in the form of web services (AMable portal).



You will also find the consortium here.

The following companies among others are part of the project:

  • Atos
  • IDSA
  • Keen Bull
  • PwC Strategy&
  • Zabala Innovation Consulting
  • Fraunhofer ILT  




  • Subsidized by: European Union Horizon 2020
  • Project number: FOF-12-2017
  • Term: 09/2017-08/2021