DB Schenker

Enterprise Lab for Logistics and Digitization


Innovative logistics solutions and process innovations make a considerable contribution to the competitiveness of companies. The DB Schenker Enterprise Lab for Logistics and Digitization established in 2015 accelerates the digital transformation of processes in the concrete business environment of a logistics service provider. The lab is a proven platform for addressing practical challenges with new research insights and for their coordinated integration into the operations of DB Schenker.       




The challenge

Digitization encompasses all areas of life and economic sectors. It harbors tremendous potential, especially for logistics. The Internet of things and services, industry 4.0, big data, and the transformation from process to service are just some examples of the challenges that have an (in)direct influence. Evaluating this many trends is difficult for companies, and often a company’s capacities are not sufficient. From an entrepreneurial perspective, a lab can serve as a tool of strategic importance for analyzing the aforementioned challenges.


Our contribution

In the topics mentioned above, Fraunhofer ISST within the Enterprise Lab primarily develops data infrastructure solutions. One project for instance aims to design an application that processes smart orders, links them with the leading operational system in the company, and enables the optimization of global logistical transportation. The software tool also provides intelligent recommendations to users for transportation and pricing. In another project, a technical concept is being prepared for the validation of a digital value chain in the additive manufacturing field, incorporating the traceability of data usage.



With a short time to market, the implementation of digitization solutions quickly takes concrete form for DB Schenker so they can be experienced. The lab structures support highly agile working methods that promote creative idea generation as well as subsequent prototype testing in the company and with its customers. With the lab activities, DB Schenker keeps pace with the times while consistently positioning itself for future competition.



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