Building trust in data markets

The market for data flourished in past years. But the market has been shaken by a considerable loss of trust in platforms that were considered secure and data protection friendly. This loss of trust has hit the data economy hard since its open data resources have been restricted. Unless technical standards are amended, this decline is expected to continue.


The challenge

Given the rising number of separate digital platforms, one can assume that the loss of trust in the concept of data markets will continue to increase if different technical standards, quality levels, and legal aspects are permitted to deviate from each other uncontrolled. Such a negative effect is prevented by TRUSTS – Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space – by focusing on the development of a platform based on experience from two major national projects (Data Market Austria and International Data Spaces). This will enable the easier acceptance and integration of other future platforms by TRUSTS.


Our contribution

Fraunhofer ISST is among other things contributing the required concepts for the use of smart contracts in the project. These include the technical basis to ensure the integrity and authenticity of such contracts. We are also contributing experience gained from the International Data Spaces initiative to the project.



Through the transfer of experience from existing initiatives, TRUSTS will build trust in the concept of data markets as a whole. The TRUSTS platform will operate independently and simultaneously examine the legal and ethical principles that apply for the entire data usage chain, from the data provider to the user.



You will find the entire consortium here

Project members include the following companies among others:

  • Delft University of Technology
  • Katholieke Universitet Leuven
  • Fraunhofer IAIS
  • Dell EMC Israel
  • International Data Spaces Association
  • Forthnet  




  • Subsidized by: European Union Horizon 2020
  • Project number: ICT-13-2018-2019
  • Term: 01/2020-12/2022