Real Time IoT Analytics:

The easy way to record and verify your processes in real time


Realtime IoT Analytics, known as RIOTANA®, is a software solution for the recording and realtime analysis of machines in production and objects in logistics. The RIOTANA® infrastructure encompasses cost-effective mobile sensors (for instance for temperature, relative humidity, and acceleration) as well as a back end for the recording and analysis of sensor data flows. The user interface displays data and analyses in a dashboard, thereby improving control and management systems.

The challenge

The transparency of actual processes is indispensable for the agility of business processes that is becoming increasingly important for competition. Only when information about deviations from the intended state is available in close to real time can corrective actions to ensure target achievement be initiated in a timely manner. This applies equally to production processes and the efficient use of industrial trucks. RIOTANA® makes it possible.


Your advantages

We make your existing infrastructure fit for the future! The software architecture serves as a flexible, low-cost entry point for taking the first steps in the direction of industry 4.0. RIOTANA® was consciously designed from the outset so the software architecture can handle a wide variety of data. Not only does this avoid a lock-in effect for your business, you also get a product tailored to meet your specific needs. Overview of the key benefits:

  • RIOTANA® can be used regardless of the existing sensors and IT infrastructure
  • Supports the recording of data from mobile equipment (such as industrial trucks) as well as immovable assets such as production machines
  • The existing infrastructure can be retrofitted with modern sensor technology
  • Permanent operation is possible as well as temporary installation for data-driven studies

What we offer

  • We adapt the RIOTANA® sensor components to your needs
  • You can operate RIOTANA® as an on-premise cloud solution or use the RIOTANA® back end in our cloud system
  • Use your WLAN to transfer the sensor data to the cloud or let us set up an infrastructure separate from the company network
  • You select the criteria such as throughput times, holding times, frequenting of locations, vibrations, or temperature. We analyze the transferred data and report the results
  • By default, the data are sent using International Data Spaces as the secure communication connection
  • You do not have to install and operate the cloud back end. There is no additional work for your IT department
  • We are also happy to assist you with the data-driven analysis of your processes using AI methods or with the establishment of accurate production controlling


Brochures and reports for download

Information sheet

Der einfache Weg zur Erfassung und Überprüfung der Effizienz Ihrer Logistikprozesse


Echtzeit-Ermittlung von Kennzahlen in Produktion und Logistik ein leichtgewichtiger Einstieg in Industrie 4.0 für den Mittelstand