Chicago, USA  /  09/10/2018  -  09/15/2018

Data sovereignty within the Cognitive Internet: the »Industrial Data Space« at the IMT

Cognitive Internet Technologies build a bridge between the physical world, the digital world and the social world (the users). They are key for digital sovereignty and economic competitiveness. In the eponymous cluster, Fraunhofer concentrates its research on IoT communications, data rooms and machine learning. The great importance of data rooms in this context is demonstrated by the "Industrial Data Space City" at the IMTS.

To remain in control over one's own data, use data economically and cooperatively in a trusted network, and thus creating new value chains: this is what the Industrial Data Space initiative stands for, in which twelve Fraunhofer Institutes, with close to 100 international partners from industry and science, are working on a new standard for cross-company data exchange. The Industrial Data Space’s stage of development progress, the advantages the standard can offer international companies, as well as the role the initiative plays within the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies, will be demonstrated at the International Manufacturing Technology Show IMTS in Chicago (September 10 - 15, 2018).

More and more often, service offerings made by companies consist of a combination of a physical product with corresponding digital services, as a tailored solution to fit the individual needs of any customer. To be able to offer such “hybrid service bundles” companies are increasingly joining forces, making it a necessity to be able to exchange data sovereignly within this cooperation. The work and efforts put into the Industrial Data Space initiative, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, aim to establish a standard for data exchange in such business ecosystems. The twelve Fraunhofer Institutes, that have been working on this project since 2015, are ready to demonstrate its current progress and its international applicability at the IMTS 2018 (Fraunhofer booth: East Building, Level 2; Booth No. 121815).

In addition to the presentation of the Industrial Data Space, visitors to the joint Fraunhofer booth at the IMTS 2018 in Chicago can experience how a vibrant mix of new technology in the fields of smart production, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, digital engineering, sensor systems, human-machine interaction and smart materials is reshaping the future.