Digital twins

Overcome information silos with a complete digital representation

Our scope of services

Digital twins as a digital image of physical goods can be used in numerous application areas in many domains, such as manufacturing, logistics or in smart cities. Therefore the “digital twins” area of expertise deals with the conceptual design of digital twins and in particular with their use as shared digital twins in networks shared between companies.

The continuous development of information and communication technologies and the advances in the field of the Internet of Things applications lead to a steady increase in data. The sheer amount of data and the associated possibility of generating new knowledge makes it increasingly important to collect, store and analyze it. Data must be mapped in a structured manner along its entire life cycle in order to prevent the creation of information silos in the respective phases of the life cycle. Digital twins offer a promising approach to solving these challenges as they are designed to connect both the physical and digital worlds by providing digitized representations of physical objects. Beyond pure representation, digital twins usually include the integration of sensors that generate data, which in turn form the basis for further analyses.

The range of services offered by Fraunhofer ISST includes support for implementation projects, the conceptual design of digital twins and the implementation of piloting in the context of digital twins. We also offer provisioning of individual system components with which comprehensive data processing can be performed.


RIOTANA – Real Time IoT Analytics

  • RIOTANA is an architecture developed by Fraunhofer ISST for processing raw sensor data into key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • The architecture is based exclusively on open source software solutions
  • Enables the acquisition of mobile devices as well as the acquisition of permanently installed assets, for example, manufacturing machines
  • With the help of a digital twin, all data of the asset under consideration is recorded along its life cycle and described semantically
  • The use of RIOTANA allows a holistic recording and processing of all relevant process data

Ausschnitt der RIOTANA-Oberfläche
Figure 1:  Section of the RIOTANA surface


RIOTANA administration shell

  • Expansion of the RIOTANA basic architecture to include an administration shell for the Industry 4.0 platform
  • Cross-company use of RIOTANA data based on the administration shell
  • Restriction of access via attribute-based access control

Aufbau der RIOTANA-Verwaltungsschale
Figure 2: Structure of the RIOTANA administration shell


Available software/applications 

  • Use of open source software, which is essentially based on Apache solutions:

Figure 3: Simplified structure of the RIOTANA architecture



The use of digital twins contributes to solving demanding challenges in various industries. Whether as a tool for monitoring a wide variety of processes, as a diagnostic tool for predictive maintenance or as a platform for cross-company data exchange, a digital twin offers multiple uses with high productivity and high efficiency.


Here you will find a selection of approved application examples from the “Digital twins” area of expertise from the past few years. Are you looking for more information? Just get  in touch with us - our contact partners will be happy to answer your questions and talk to you.


RIOTANA – Real Time IoT Analytics

The easy way to record and verify your processes in real time

Realtime IoT Analytics, known as RIOTANA®, is a software solution for the recording and realtime analysis of machines in production and objects in logistics. The RIOTANA® infrastructure encompasses cost-effective mobile sensors (for instance for temperature, relative humidity, and acceleration) as well as a back end for the recording and analysis of sensor data flows. The user interface displays data and analyses in a dashboard, thereby improving control and management systems.

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