Data Ecosystems


Incubators for innovations from data



Water, light, flora, and fauna: The perfect interplay of all these factors in a natural ecosystem is an excellent model for highly modern value chains in the economy. Just as nature needs to find a balance between the interests of all participants in an ecosystem, the interests of all data providers and data users have to be harmonized for the best possible results in the digitized economy. Data are valuable as raw materials because they contain information and knowledge. And because they can be used to jointly create services and products in a network of partners that cannot be offered by any partner on their own.


Establishing rules for using data as an economic growth factor


This premise is particularly relevant in data-intensive fields such as AI solutions. With the International Data Spaces architecture, Fraunhofer ISST along with its research partners is creating a framework for the controlled sharing and sovereign handling of data. International Data Spaces (certified DIN SPEC 27070) can therefore be considered a blueprint for successful data ecosystems.

We at Fraunhofer ISST establish functioning, lasting data ecosystems for our customers and assist with integration into existing processes. We establish rules, architectures, and technologies to maintain balance in the data ecosystem for all participating players. We research your digital success for tomorrow – and help you shape it today.