Annual Report 2021

From concept to reality: how data spaces are created

The year 2021 was a good year for the data economy and thus for Europe's competitiveness. And it was also a good year for Fraunhofer ISST, which was able to make a valuable contribution to a fair data economy based on European values through its involvement in initiatives such as Gaia-X and the International Data Spaces.

2021 was the year that data spaces started to fly:

  • With initiatives like Catena-X, in which an entire industry set out to build a secure data space across the entire automotive supply chain,
  • to the Mobility Data Space, which will allow me to plan and execute a trip end-to-end in the future,
  • to an ever-growing open source community that, with developments such as the Eclipse Dataspace Connector, is laying important foundations for trust in datasharing technologies.

Fraunhofer ISST has worked intensively and with great commercial success on building data-sovereign solutions in these initiatives as well as in numerous other projects in its business areas of data science, healthcare and logistics. Learn more about our projects, our teams, our institute culture and our networks in the Annual Report 2021.


Annual Report 2021

How data spaces are created


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