Annual report 2020

#InnovationsFromData – Data driven creation of value as a driver of future economic growth

When innovations arise from data

Fraunhofer ISST develops digital business and system solutions: We offer consulting, conceptual design, and implementation of data strategies as well as data management, software architectures, and digital business models. Our scientists determine the digital maturity of businesses and develop data processing procedures - among other things on the basis of artificial intelligence - and implement these.

Tangible goods where long considered to be the foundation for successful value creation by businesses. This is currently changing on a grand scale in the course of digitization: Nowadays products are linked with digital service offerings or are designed as a purely digital product right from the start. These days prosperity for our society is more likely to be created in data centers than factories.

First and foremost, digital services demand data availability. The required data can often not be generated by one company on its own, but must rather be aggregated and combined by multiple business partners. Digital innovations can only arise from the combination of data. And in the end it is this innovation which enables sustainable development of business models, the future competitiveness of businesses and truly new services for all citizens.


Annual report 2020

Data spaces for Germany and Europe


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