Feasibility study and potential analysis:

Supporting European data sovereignty standards on cloud platforms of Chinese industrial companies using the example of COSMOPlat

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the European economy by building a secure cross-sector data infrastructure based on European values, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire presented the main features of the technical architecture and organizational structure of GAIA-X on June 4.

The "International Data Spaces" (IDS) initiative jointly launched by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and industry is a key component of the secure and open GAIA-X data ecosystem in Europe: the IDS reference architecture for maintaining data sovereignty when sharing data ("data sharing") directly contributes to GAIA-X's goal of creating an architecture of standards.

With Haier COSMO IoT Ecosystem Technology Co, Ltd joining the International Data Spaces Association, Haier COSMOPlat is among the first industrial Internet platforms outside the European Union to adopt the European values of data and cloud sovereignty and to implement them in their architecture.

Together with Fraunhofer ISST, Haier starts the cooperation project "COSMOPlat Mass Customized Model to GAIA-X Architecture". The project aims at a feasibility and potential study for the implementation of GAIA-X principles and IDS standards on the COSMOPlat platform.

"It is very much welcome that global companies with production sites and supplier networks in Europe like Haier do not only support the development of open standards for data sovereignty, but also actively contribute to it," said Prof. Otto, executive director at Fraunhofer ISST, at the start of the German-Chinese project.