"IDS-ready": Open source software "Dataspace Connector" enables sovereign data exchange

Sovereign data exchange is becoming increasingly important for companies as part of their business model. A basis for this secure data exchange is now provided by the "Dataspace Connector" (DSC) as open source software. The DSC implementation concept developed by Fraunhofer ISST has been successfully tested according to the certification criteria with "IDS-ready" of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) since December 3, 2020. Thus, the DSC fulfills the security requirements and all functionalities required by the International Data Spaces (IDS) to trustworthily share data with others while ensuring data sovereignty.

The aim of the Dataspace Connector is to provide companies with an easy and trustworthy entry into the International Data Spaces. There are three levels of certification for the International Data Spaces, an initiative for cross-industry data exchange with over 100 European companies: Base, Trusted and Trusted+. The DSC was deliberately tested for the Base certification level, as this does not require specific hardware such as Trusted Platform Module chips in order to use the connector. This makes it easier to use the DSC on different hardware and in cloud environments with a reasonable sacrifice of hardware security features.


In addition, the Dataspace Connector is the only IDS connector that already supports the enforcement of eight usage condition classes of the International Data Spaces Association and thus exceeds the Base certification level.


Interested companies and users can view the source code of the Dataspace Connector directly on Github. For testing, all that is needed is a Java environment to launch the connector and then use it via Swagger UI or http calls. In addition, the Connector can be integrated into a Docker or Kubernetes environment. Instructions for doing so can be found on Github. We are happy to answer any questions via mail, Github issues or Microsoft teams.




You can find more information here:


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