A self-determined life for citizens in an increasingly digitized world

Project: Digital life journey

As the digitization of everyday life continues, many digital achievements are assisting us in our living and working environments. Most of these new digital services are based on data – our personal data. Making a list of who processes which of our data for what purposes appears virtually impossible.

The question is: Would it be possible to describe the individual citizen in their entirety by combining all their data – the “digital me” so to speak? The digital life journey shows how each person can regain sovereignty over their data, and how society, technology, ethics, law, and economics have to work together.




Services provided by Fraunhofer ISST

Fraunhofer ISST refers to the current stage of development as the “digital shadow”. Everything around us is a sensor and captures data that describe us. Decisions regarding the use of these data are made solely by the respective provider. The next stage will be the “digital me” when data will be converged into an integrated image of us for the first time. This requires an ecosystem that transcends service provider boundaries. With this app solution, Fraunhofer ISST demonstrates the technical, regulatory, and social frameworks that are required to accomplish this.



"Verimi is one of the leading identity platforms, offering methods for secure digital identification. We are cooperating with Fraunhofer ISST in examining the role played by the identities of citizens in data ecosystems. More and more highly sensitive data are being recorded, especially in healthcare. Digital identities and mechanisms to control data use and data access are required to ensure the sovereignty of the individual. To correctly model the digital life journey, we not only need technical concepts but also organizational behaviors, a new governance of data handling."

Dr. Dirk Woywod | Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | Verimi GmbH