Virtual hospital

Project: Electronic case file

"Integrated care" means better cooperation between hospitals, medical specialists, and general practitioners in the hospitalization and follow-up treatment of patients. The goal is to exchange information about patients more quickly and efficiently in order to ensure their best possible treatment across facilities and, for example, avoid expensive duplicate examinations. The electronic case file (Elektronische FallAkte, EFA) created at Fraunhofer ISST in cooperation with Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft (DKG), Rhön-Klinikum AG, Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, and Sana Kliniken AG provides the corresponding technology base. EFA is a case-based patient database administered by doctors that enables the exchange of data across organizations between registered doctors and the inpatient sector. It works together with the telematics infrastructure as a value-added system.



Services provided by Fraunhofer ISST

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to ensure the best possible, comprehensive care of seriously ill COVID-19 patients by using tele-intensive care with the “virtual hospital”. To this end, the virtual hospital NRW has been using the electronic case file since 30 March 2020, provided by Rechenzentrum Volmarstein GmbH (RZV), in combination with a Fraunhofer ISST web portal as the user front end. The portal supports electronic teleconsultations in intensive care with the exchange of data relevant for treatment in compliance with data protection requirements, and by providing documents tailored especially to the needs of intensive care teleconsultations with COVID-19 patients.

Fraunhofer ISST initiated the open specification for the electronic case file more than ten years ago. EFA offers quick access to the required documents (such as doctor’s letters, findings, OR reports, and prescriptions). It provides the attending doctors with a complete, current overview of the course of treatment.



"As an established IT service provider in healthcare with certified data centers, security is our top priority in the handling of medical data. Fraunhofer ISST has been a trusted partner for almost ten years in creating innovative and secure solutions. Cooperation in research and the development of services based on the electronic case file deserves special mention here. This has also contributed to joint products such as the MDK portal and EFA portal. Our productive technical cooperation is in large part due to collaboration based on mutual trust."

Dr. Stefan Wolf | Managing Director | RZV