International Data Spaces: Exchange of data between companies in the digital economy

Project: International Data Spaces

Economically successful action increasingly implies that products and services are produced and offered by multiple distributed partners in a value chain. In order for this to succeed, trusted data infrastructures are required, allowing the partners to exchange data between companies without losing control over what happens to those data (demand for data sovereignty). A corresponding European industrial solution is being demanded by our industry and politics.

International Data Spaces is a distributed network of data end points that enables the secure exchange of data and guarantees data sovereignty. It is intended to establish itself as the international standard for industrial data exchange. An important step in this direction was taken at the beginning of 2020 with the publication of DIN SPEC 27070 “Requirements and reference architecture of a security gateway for the exchange of industry data and services”. The European data infrastructure project GAIA-X also incorporates International Data Spaces.



Services provided by Fraunhofer ISST

Fraunhofer ISST as the overall project manager plays a leading role in the International Data Spaces initiative. The participating Fraunhofer Institutes are tasked with developing a reference architecture model for International Data Spaces and testing it in select use cases. We at Fraunhofer ISST, for example through economic examinations of data assets, are establishing the foundations for future business models in this data architecture and developing the connectors and the configuration manager ourselves.



"With the founding of the International Data Spaces Association, industry and research are actively participating in designing a trusted architecture for the data economy. The goal of the IDSA is to enable data sovereignty with an open architecture for a peer-to-peer network that permits control over the use of data from all areas. This is only possible with a manufacturer-neutral partner like Fraunhofer that understands the requirements of the market and knows how to implement them with the latest technologies."

Thorsten Hülsmann | CFO | International Data Spaces Association