"Morgenstadt Initiative"

Fraunhofer ISST in the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Innovation Network

Since the beginning of May 2021, Fraunhofer ISST has been a member of the current innovation network "Morgenstadt:City Insights", which currently consists of 13 cities, 6 industrial companies, 11 research partners (Fraunhofer institutes and university partners) and 6 strategic partners. Together, the network develops ideas, tests solutions and launches new projects to realize CO2 neutral, livable and resilient cities.


The Fraunhofer "Morgenstadt Initiative" is a network of Fraunhofer institutes, municipalities and companies. It was launched in 2012 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) to think ahead, develop and test innovations for the city of tomorrow. Within the framework of research projects and innovation partnerships, partners of the Morgenstadt Initiative develop solutions and new perspectives for the city of the future, the Morgenstadt, in changing constellations. This includes research and development of development potentials and solution strategies in urban systems, but also the identification and analysis of upcoming disruptive developments for the city of tomorrow and the conception of new control approaches, systems or suitable business models.

The combination of different perspectives and expertise from applied research (Fraunhofer institutes), municipal practice (specialized departments, local politicians, citizens) and solution-oriented business (companies) is one of the strengths and unique selling points of the Morgenstadt Initiative. It allows the network to react flexibly and agilely to public funding programs, for example from the European Commission, and to initiate innovative research or innovation projects with the help of the funding acquired therein, or to form demand-oriented innovation partnerships with an individual topic focus that are independent of funding programs. Through its partner institutes and companies, the Morgenstadt Initiative bundles know-how in a total of eleven innovation fields that uniquely cover the entire spectrum of complex urban systems.


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