Professorial chair

Chair for Industrial Information Management

The Chair for Industrial Information Management (formerly Audi-Endowed Chair of Supply Net Order Management) is part of the LogistikCampus at TU Dortmund University. The LogistikCampus, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, bundles and expands expertise in the technical logistics and information logistics. The LogistikCampus is an interdisciplinary research center for logistics with scientific and technical know-how.








Computer science chair for software engineering

At the chair of »Software Engineering« at TU Dortmund University, basic university research is linked with applied contract research in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISST. Current research topics are in the fields of software architecture, business processes as well as formal and logical basics of software engineering.

Field of Software Architecture

  • Modern and abstract architectures
  • Investigation of specification, communication, patterns and automatic synthesis of (industry-specific) business and software architectures

Field of Business Processes

  • Modeling of new business processes
  • Reconstruction of business processes out of reports (logs)
  • Analysis of process patterns and ad hoc changes

Field of Formal Methods

  • Conduct and other dynamic characteristics of distributed systems