Our Offer

Strategic process consulting

We advise you in the design of your service-oriented company IT (Enterprise Architecture Management), in the design and adjustment of business processes (Business Process Management) and in IT governance.


We create feasibility, communication, requirement and profitability analyses, e. g. for trend technologies as Cloud Computing or RFID, for application and webservice platforms or for information logistics questions.


We examine and optimize the requirements and performance specifications as well as operating concepts of your complex (service-oriented) IT systems and IT platforms, especially in security-critical business sectors.


We make your IT systems developable (e. g.  based on Cloud Computing technologies) in order to reduce the maintenance and operating costs. Also we ensure the adjustments of present legacy systems to new technological or organizational requirements.

Development and Implementation

We create interoperable IT solutions without media discontinuity as well as appropriate methods and procedures e. g. for inter-organisational networks, groups of companies and individual requirements. Semantic technologies, service-oriented architectures and Cloud Computing are thereby of particular importance.

Pilot testing

We offer prototyping and implementation as well as pilot testing and commissioning of new systems (e. g. Smart Living solutions for IT based living assistance).


We design safe IT infrastructures and platforms for you, in complex fields of application as health telematics in particular.


We support you on your way to interoperable systems with standardized interfaces or develop new standards which we introduce into the relevant national and international committees.

Modeling/Method design

We design information models for semantically linked situational and localized services (information logistics). Furthermore, we develop methods for information flow control and communication support, e. g. in integrated supply models.

Definition of business models

Construction of infrastructures and respective business models (e. g. for user-oriented value-added services in networked, flexible living and functional buildings or telemedicine solutions).

Quality assurance

If you wish to get an external assessment of your IT projects, we support you as a neutral partner.

As a manufacturer-independent partner with extensive expertise in software engineering we assist you from the initial idea to commissioning of a new IT solution. In particular, we work for the following sectors:

  • Healthcare and nursing sector
  • Logistics
  • Service Industries