Collaborative data use by customers and suppliers – secure, sovereign, and for the benefit of all

Bottlenecks that occur can have significant technical and economic consequences for all partners in the supply chain. A proactive communication and presentation of bottlenecks is often done too late or is connected with a constantly high manual effort.  The Use Case "IDS@BKM" contributes to the solution of existing obstacles in demand and capacity management (BKM) with mutual benefit.

The Challenge

A trustworthy environment is created, in which a sovereign data exchange of information worthy of protection is made possible. It must be ensured at all times that the information transmitted is not misused by the data recipient and that it can be legally prosecuted, e.g. in the event of violations. These mechanisms are the central, confidence-building prerequisite for companies to be prepared to exchange sensitive information at all. It can be determined at any time which data is shared under which conditions of use. Compliance with the terms of use can be relied upon.

Our contribution

Within the framework of IDS@BKM, we develop the entire software-based infrastructure in close cooperation with the project partners Volkswagen AG (automobile manufacturer) and thys-senkrupp Presta Ilsenburg GmbH (supplier), starting with the design and ending with the implementation. For this purpose, we use the International Data Space (IDS), which was significantly co-developed by Fraunhofer ISST. Prototypical interfaces between IDS connectors and the operational systems of both companies are created. The secure communication between the IDS-Connectors enables the data exchange under consideration of the premises of sovereignty and security.


It will contribute to an improved control of the supply chain between the project partners with an increased degree of transparency of the supply chain. The automobile manufacturer is informed early on about imminent bottlenecks, the supplier is informed in good time about possible fluctuations in demand. The cooperative collaboration results in increased supply chain transparency and forms the foundation for modern supply chain management.


  • Volkswagen AG
  • Thyssenkrupp Presta Ilsenburg GmbH
  • International Data Spaces Association