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In the "Healthcare" department, we research and develop software technologies for the data-supported healthcare of tomorrow. This includes concepts and solutions for healthcare data spaces, interoperability and applications based on these, such as clinical process optimization, mobile health apps or therapy algorithms.

We develop our visions of data-based care processes and closed-loop precision medicine in three key areas: "Health Information Exchange", "Health Applications and Analytics" and "Personal Data Ecosystems".


Our vision of the digital healthcare data ecosystem

Together with our customers, we develop innovative concepts, architectures, prototypes and components to enable the data-driven healthcare of tomorrow.

Our focus is on:

  • the development of complex data ecosystems, infrastructures and processing systems, taking into account international standards (IHE, HL7) and regulatory requirements (EHDS, MDR)
  • the implementation of software applications and portals,
  • the use of artificial intelligence,
  • the development of data and digitization strategies and consulting on the introduction of these strategies in companies or healthcare facilities,
  • the design and development of complex health IT ecosystems and infrastructures based on the Gaia-X AISBL (European Association for Data and Cloud) and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).
  • the integration of your offering or services into the medical informatics initiative or the telematics infrastructure and
  • the development of new business models and care offerings in future cross-domain data spaces and data ecosystems.

Together, we master the typical challenges in the current ecosystem by:

  • enabling interoperable data usage, breaking down monolithic data silos, harmonizing data formats and data quality through interoperability solutions;
  • creating outcome transparency and real-world evidence between organizations in the healthcare supply chain;
  • supporting workflow automation and personalized treatment approaches through intelligent data analysis and trust mechanisms for data usage along the supply chain.

When developing our solutions, we take into account legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks and aim for open, fair and federated data usage. Together with you, we realize cross-industry value creation through the development of transparent and trustworthy data usage mechanisms.

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