Digital innovations emerge from concrete challenges that have to be overcome

About us

The Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST identifies and realizes the strategic value of data in cooperation with companies – we offer complete system solutions for your company, from data preparation to the development of new business models.

Our experts research the value and sovereign handling of data for logistics, healthcare, and the data economy. We develop solutions for data management and the establishment of data architectures. In cooperation with our industry customers and political advisers, we are establishing an aggregate framework for the secure, controllable use of data across company boundaries with International Data Spaces.


Key figures for the institute

We consider promoting and educating new scientific talent to be one of our key tasks. Fraunhofer ISST had 95 employees at the end of 2019. Some of our employees are full-time staff; others are student assistants and trainees.


Total expenditures for operating expenses and investments were 5.518 million euros. Labor costs account for 74 percent of that. Fraunhofer ISST generated research and industry revenues of 4.455 million euros in the 2019 financial year. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft contributed 1.9 million euros in institute funding.


Our core competence: data ecosystems

We develop standards and architectures for successful data ecosystems.


Institute management

The institute is headed by Prof. Boris Otto and Prof. Jakob Rehof.


Advisory board

Industry and science representatives enrich our institute with their valuable and relevant professional experience.


Scientific expertise

Our scientific network encompasses close and personal cooperation with leading universities in our specialist fields.