Data Space Participation

Comprehensive consulting and support for the introduction and use of data spaces

Fraunhofer ISST is one of the first initiators of data spaces in Germany and Europe. Thanks to its many years of experience at a technical, economic policy and corporate strategy level, the institute is a neutral and competent partner for industrial manufacturing companies that want to put their data use on a future-proof footing, from the fundamental development of a data strategy through to the technical implementation of their own data space solutions and integration into existing industry data spaces.

In the research focus area "Participation in data spaces", the "Industrial Manufacturing" department supports its partners with holistic digital solutions in the area of data spaces - from the design and development of customized data space solutions to the provision of analyses and training to ensure successful participation in existing initiatives. The aim is to promote the transformative growth of companies through data-driven innovation and digitalization..


We offer the following services:


Design of data spaces

Based on our extensive expertise and experience from best practices in the respective industry, we create a tailor-made design for a customized data space.

Readiness analysis for participation in data rooms

We analyze the readiness to participate in data spaces and provide our clients with insights and recommendations for decision-making and successful implementation of data spaces..

Development of data spaces

The technical resources available at Fraunhofer ISST enable seamless integration into data spaces - from API integration to the development of connectors and infrastructures. To this end, Fraunhofer ISST is also involved in the development of open source components.

Training courses on data spaces

Specialized training courses provide individuals and teams with the essential skills for data room success, covering areas such as governance, data protection, technical components and collaboration.