Mobility & Smart Cities

More innovation, sustainability and climate protection with connected mobility and smart cities.

Our mobility and our cities are changing. Trends such as the traffic turnaround, climate and demographic change and the desire for greater sustainability and quality of life require new, intelligent approaches. In the "Mobility & Smart Cities" department, we use our expertise and technologies in the areas of data sharing and data management to help solve these challenges. We work together with companies, local authorities and researchers on the digital transformation, from concept to implementation.

Our range of services

  • Data Spaces:
    Promotion of data sharing and development of suitable business models.
  • Data trustees:
    Design and implementation of data trustees as a neutral authority in data ecosystems.
  • Municipal data strategies:
    Development of data strategies, including data governance, data quality and data integration in compliance with relevant legal provisions (e.g. EU Data Act).
  • Data platforms and digital twins:
    Building holistic and integrated data repositories, for example as a digital twin of the city.
  • (Edge) cloud architectures:
    Development of cloud edge architectures and support in the implementation of cloud adaptation.
  • Data analysis and data science:
    Approaches for secure and anonymized evaluation of data sets (e.g. with the help of federated learning).

With our range of services, we support our customers in the ongoing digitalization in the areas of smart cities and mobility. We make a contribution to the digital transformation and help to exploit the associated opportunities. Our customers include, among others:

  • Mobility
    • Mobility companies and service providers
    • Car manufacturers
    • Transport companies
    • Transportation infrastructure companies
  • Smart Cities
    • Municipalities and regions
    • Municipal utilities and municipal companies
    • Tourism companies and associations