Software Engineering

Research based implementation of innovative and pioneering software.

Our scope of services

Due to the constantly increasing complexity of modern software solutions, efficient and structured acquisition of expertise by the scientists is indispensable. In the “Software engineering” area of expertise, expertise is developed and expanded in a targeted manner. This allows even complex and innovative software products to be developed in a pioneering manner with a focus on the transfer to the economy and industry.


At Fraunhofer ISST, digital innovations are realized, among other things, through the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the development of innovative and forward-looking software solutions. Software engineering is understood as a holistic process and includes requirements analysis, conception, implementation and ensuring high quality standards of software. From deployment monoliths to microservices and highly scalable cloud-native applications, we use a wide variety of architectural approaches in a targeted manner to realize our software solutions. In applied research, we also investigate the integrative solution possibilities of heterogeneous technologies for concrete use cases, for example, for the construction and integration of national infrastructures (telematics infrastructure). Through our participation in the International Data Spaces (IDS) and the Gaia-X initiative, we also participate in the development of international infrastructures and data spaces.

The range of services offered by Fraunhofer ISST includes technical design, the development of system components, consulting services in the software development process, for example the review of external software architectures or the conformity assessment of infrastructures in the medical field.


Technical conception and architecture development

  • Development of technical concepts for specific applications
  • Platform and software architecture development/system design
  • Elaboration of standards and specifications
  • Training in software architecture and methodical software development


Development of system components·        

  • Realization of prototypes as a feasibility study (like rapid prototyping)
  • Integration of (IDS) interfaces and software components
  • Conception and implementation of software infrastructures
  • Research-based concept implementation

Consulting services in the software development process

  • Technology consulting/Tec-Stack templates
  • Architectural reviews
  • Conformity assessment of infrastructures in the medical field
  • Modernization and migration consulting (e.g., in the direction of the cloud)
  • Vulnerability and opportunity analysis




Software engineering contributes to solving demanding challenges in various industries. Whether in the context of logistics, healthcare or data management, our software solutions and consulting services accompany you in your special application in your respective specialist domain.


Here you will find a selection of approved application examples from the field of “Software Engineering” from the past few years. Are you looking for more information? Just get in touch with us – our contact partners will be happy to answer your questions and talk to you.


Example 1:


Data catalog for the efficient management of company data

DIVA (Data Inventory and Valuation Approach) is a data catalog developed at Fraunhofer ISST based on a modern microservice architecture with the aim of meeting the agile requirements of data management. In addition to basic functions for integration, documentation of type-dependent meta information and data search, DIVA can be expanded flexibly by integrating separate services (such as quality check, GDPR relevance and keyword extraction).

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Example 2:


Collaborative data use by customers and suppliers – secure, confident, on an equal footing.

Any bottlenecks that occur can have significant technical and economic consequences for all partners in the supply chain. Proactive bottleneck communication and display is usually too late or involves a constantly high level of manual effort.  The use case "IDS@BKM" makes a contribution to solving existing obstacles in demand and capacity management (BKM) with mutual benefit.

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