Data catalog for the efficient management of company data



DIVA (Data Inventory and Valuation Approach) is a data catalog developed at the Fraunhofer ISST based on a modern microservice architecture, with the goal of meeting the agile requirements of data management. In addition to basic functions for integration, documentation of type-dependent meta-information and data search, DIVA can be flexibly expanded by integrating detached services (such as quality check, GDPR relevance, keyword extraction). This allows the technical and organizational maintenance of metadata to be automated and adapted to the individual requirements of the company.

The challenge

In data analysis use cases, 80 percent of the time is spent searching for suitable data sources and searching for contact persons to gain access. This is mainly due to insufficient metadata management and manual maintenance processes for distributed data. Data catalogs offer an approach here to break down the existing data silos and create a central location for searching for data including various meta-information. However, current systems are monolithic and therefore too inflexible. The high potential of data cataloging remains unused. New services and functions can only be integrated at great expense, with the help of the manufacturer, not along individual requirements or not at all.

Your advantages 

DIVA is highly flexible and can be easily and cost-effectively implemented in your company:

  • Simple and automated management of technical and organizational meta-information about your data sources
  • Efficient working for your data management department and data scientists
  • Open-Core - DIVA is available under the Apache 2.0 license and offers all necessary basic functions for free use
  • Simple (programming language independent) development of own microservices and integration into the backend and frontend
  • Simple and dynamic orchestration of the integrated services for different use cases
  • Built on established technologies in the field of microservice architectures that have been tested in practice


What we offer

  • DIVA basic system as open source software freely usable for commercial use
  • Support with the installation and setup of test systems in your company
  • Training of users and developers for the use and professional or technical development of DIVA
  • Supplementary modules for extending the functionality of DIVA with the latest research results of the Fraunhofer ISST, for example in the areas of data governance and data quality
  • Individual software development by Microservices based on your requirements