Services for pharmaceutical and medtech companies

Solutions for Real World Evidence, Clinical Decision Support, Full Procedure Solution

With comprehensive infrastructures and interfaces for data sharing, we help you to tap into data for the development of data-based services and business models. Together, we develop solutions for the sovereign use of health data and thus the close integration and feedback of medical care and research. Intelligent algorithms support you in the early identification of therapy success factors. Benefit from data ecosystems to integrate the supply chain and use real-world evidence for data-based service development and improvement.


What we offer

  • Development of cross-sector, digital ecosystems using data room concepts and components (EHDS, Gaia-X, IDS, EDC)
  • Ivy.connect interoperability suite (IHE-based support for record-based data exchange)
  • Solutions for the federated, interoperable, transparent and sovereign use of individual patient data, e.g. for therapy support
  • Virtual consent assistant for data sharing in the healthcare sector
  • Algorithms for use in medical devices