IT Service Providers

We support you in the data-driven operation of your cloud infrastructure.

At Fraunhofer ISST, we are working on the currently most important topics in the cloud: user sovereignty through data spaces, improved cost transparency and sustainable solutions in the form of a smaller carbon footprint.

In the "IT Service Providers" department, we bundle our expertise in the data-driven operation of cloud infrastructures. We develop the right solutions for the confident exchange of data with the cloud and the targeted optimization of the cloud.

To this end, we develop software that suggests appropriate best practices to cloud users for the optimized use of their services. We are currently focusing on managing operating costs (FinOps) and the carbon footprint (GreenOps).

In addition, we integrate data space technologies with cloud providers to enable sovereign access to existing data spaces such as Catena-X.

Our range of services

  • Optimization in the cloud - cost optimization (FinOps) and improvement of sustainability (GreenOps) through software
  • Data Spaces - integration of data space technologies for your use case
  • Data-driven business models - innovative conception, design and calculation to monetize your data
  • Software development - implementation of front- and back-end applications for your cloud, edge and on-premise infrastructure