The Data Space Lab

The project "The Data Space Lab" was launched in 2023 with the aim of further developing the existing Eclipse Data Space Components from Huawei and Fraunhofer ISST as as-a-Service components. This will support the development and internationalization of data spaces.

FAIR Data Spaces – Building a joint cloud-based data space for industry and science

The FAIR Data Spaces project aims to build a common cloud-based data space for business and science by merging the two initiatives "Gaia-X" and "National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)". "FAIR" stands for the guiding prin-ciples for the responsible management of research data. According to these principles, research data should be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. The project aims to identify and exploit synergies between the two initiatives Gaia-X and NFDI and to bring the two initiatives closer together in terms of content. The project also aims to promote and demonstrate the sovereign exchange of data between industry and science at both national and European level in concrete applications and fields of work. For a wide range of actors, especially from the economy, added values can be created and demonstrated through the exchange of data.

IEDS: Incentives and Economics of Data Sharing

The aim of the project "Incentives and Economics of Data Sharing" (IEDS) is to investigate the design of incentive systems for data sharing in an entrepreneurial context through interdisciplinary collaborative research. To this end, the topic of data sharing will be analyzed from technical and economic perspectives. Specifically, insights will be gained and mechanisms developed on how to incentivize organizations to participate in open and collaborative data networks.

CCIT: Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies

The Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT re-searches cognitive technologies for the industrial Internet. Researchers in various disciplines are developing key technologies along the value chain, from sensors to intelligent learning methods in data processing to the cloud. CCIT helps companies with the forward-looking design of their business by opening up market access with cognitive solution services and products.

"NTT": Dataspace Connector Proof-of-Concept (PoC) / Connecting NTT with the International Data Spaces

NTT is a Japanese telecommunications company that deals with global, cross-company data exchange, among other things. A decisive factor here is data sovereignty in order to ensure that the shared data is not misused or passed on without authorization. As this is also a central topic of the International Data Spaces (IDS), the international data exchange at NTT is to be implemented as an example with the help of the IDS as part of the project. The resulting infrastructure will then continue to operate for two months.