"NTT": Dataspace Connector Proof-of-Concept (PoC) / Connecting NTT with the International Data Spaces

NTT is a Japanese telecommunications company whose activities include global, cross-enterprise data exchange. A crucial factor is data sovereignty, to ensure that the shared data is not misappropriated or passed on without authorization. Since this is also a central topic of the International Data Spaces (IDS), the international data exchange at NTT is to be exemplarily implemented within the scope of the project with the help of the IDS. The resulting infrastructure will then be operated for two months.

The challenge

The exchange of sensitive data across company and even national borders always carries the risk that the transfer of data means that control over it is relinquished, which means that it can be used in ways that were not intended by the data provider. It is therefore necessary to be able to restrict the use of the data after it has been passed on, so that the data is only available where it was intended.


Our contribution

As part of the project, Fraunhofer ISST is working with NTT to develop a proof-of-concept in which data is shared between sites in Switzerland, Japan and Germany via IDS connectors. Fraunhofer ISST is contributing its expertise in IDS and the Dataspace Connector as a software component to the project and is operating a Dataspace Connector instance that will be used for data exchange in this project. Fraunhofer ISST is also supporting NTT in commissioning Dataspace Connectors in Switzerland and Japan, as well as in configuring the terms of use for the data so that only certain data sets can be accessed from one location at a time.



The project will create an infrastructure for sovereign data exchange between Switzerland, Japan and Germany via the International Data Spaces (IDS). By means of this, data can be exchanged between the locations in the individual countries in such a way that at each location only the data intended for that location can be retrieved and thus used.



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