Guiding Theme ”Data Ecosystems”

Water, light, flora, and fauna: The interplay of all these factors in natural ecosystems is an excellent model for highly modern value chains in the economy. Just like nature needs to find a balance between the interests of all participants in an ecosystem, the interests of all data providers and data users have to be harmonized for the best possible results in the digitized economy.

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Politicians and industrial partners affirm the International Data Space

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Business unit ”Logistics”

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Business unit ”Healthcare”

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Business unit ”Data Economy”

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Data as a strategic resource for Data Ecosystems

Wherever artificial intelligence and distributed value chains significantly influence the success of companies, immense volumes of data need to be managed productively and tactically. This is because data are no longer a byproduct of service provision as such for the industry, but increasingly constitute the core business. Which is why, today more than ever, data are the strategic resource for digitizing the economy. Using this valuable raw material to best advantage has to be the goal of business ecosystems.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering ISST sets standards for the (controlled) sharing of data. It researches the value and the competent handling of data. Along with numerous partners in politics and industry, the institute with the ”International Data Space” establishes the macroeconomic framework for the use of data, but also develops individual solutions for specific companies. Here the institute focuses on three fields of application: logistics, the data economy and healthcare.


Information / 19.3.2020


Measures taken by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to protect employees, business partners and event participants



The Role of IDS for the European Digital Economy


Messe / 30.3.2020

HANNOVER MESSE cannot take place this year due to the increasingly critical situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.


Research in Germany:

Apply for Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine!
Dr Sven Meister is expert for both entry topics of the call within the InnoHealth China campaign, Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine. He is looking forward to your application!


PRESS RELEASE / 20.3.2019

”International Data Space”-Architecture implemented in first digital ecosystems


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Fraunhofer presents key component for digital data
exchange according to European values


New Report: Data Catalogs

Integrating Platforms for Matching Data Supply and Demand (Reference Model and Market Analysis)


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Sovereign Data Exchange on the Cognitive Industrial Internet: the ”Industrial Data Space” at the International Manufacturing Technology Show IMTS in Chicago


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