Competitive advantage through technology know-how

Our expertise at Fraunhofer ISST


Only someone who has an in-depth understanding of a technology can implement it effectively and to the greatest benefit of their customers. Fraunhofer ISST currently focuses on nine areas of expertise, in which the scientists, through in-depth technological expertise and comprehensive market knowledge, are able to provide optimal support to their customers and partners in the process of developing emerging markets.


Digital twins

Overcome information silos with a complete digital representation.

Data quality

Using data as a decision maker and strategic resource.

Human-technology interaction

People decide how well technology can support them.

Business model development

New digital products and services through the efficient use of data and innovative technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

Find and use data patterns.

Cloud Transformation

Researching trends and developments in cloud transformation, thinking ahead and putting them into practice.

International Data Spaces

Data sovereignty is a key capability in the digitization age, and International Data Spaces provides the required technology.

Strategic data management

From a product-centric to a data-centric organization.

Software engineering

Research based implementation of innovative and pioneering software.